Welcome to
Faith Fellowship Church
Faith comes by hearing the Word of God
Faith is more important today than
ever. People need a reason to live.
Godís Word is all about FAITH.
Depression and discouragement run
rampant and everyone is looking for
something to hold on to. Faith is the
FOR. If your life is lacking
substance, our Faith-Based Sermons
are the anchor you need.
No man is an island. Sometimes
the initial jump is the hardest. You
need fellowship with other believers
as much as you need food or air. If
you are not accustomed to church,
donít let that hinder you. FFC is
not a social clique or whoís who
club. It is just ordinary people who
love God and each other. Come as
you are. We need you.
Each sermon is
recorded and you
need only ask to
receive a CD for free.
Click here to visit
sermon download page.
Jesus said, "...freely
you have received,
freely give..."
Below you will find Biblical answers to many of today's objections to Church attendance.

1. Too many hypocrites in churches. Though there are hypocrites everywhere, you will
find in churches that there are also sincere people who love God and each other.
Avoiding the blessings that come from getting involved in church (because of one or two
people) is like not going to McDonald's because of one or two menu items.

2. I don't have to go to Church to be a Christian. It's true going to church doesn't make
you a Christian. However, in a world with so many influences, not staying in fellowship
can often drain you of God's power and purpose. Jesus said "the Gates of Hell will not
prevail against the Church."

3. I value my weekends and down time.
The biblical principle of sowing and reaping not only apply to money but time as well.
You may find as you invest your time in the things of God that more of life's demands
seem to just fall into place. The Bible says we are to redeem the time for the days are
What others are saying
about our Church
I have never grown
spirtually like I have
grown at Faith
Fellowship Church!
If you are hungry to
know the Lord more, this
is the church for you...
Our worship is very
anointed and inspiring...
Current and Relevant
Each month, there is a service dedicated
to prophecy. Exploring where we are at
in the Biblical timeline and how it may
impact our lives...Jesus is coming soon!
A Place to Serve
Everyone has a calling, and at Faith
Fellowship, there are plenty of
opportunities for you to serve in the
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The answer to every problem of life can be found in
the Word of God and at the feet of Jesus Christ.
1030 South Muskogee Ave., Tahlequah, Oklahoma